Mister Rogers is a unique community space inhabited by makers.

We are a collective of friends who had a vision for our neighborhood. We felt that Crown Heights was in need of a place where the community could come together to create and experience art. We built Mister Rogers with our own hands, transforming the remnants of a shark restaurant into a multi-purpose art and event space with a multi-purpose mission. 

Since 2013, we've hosted numerous events, including: The premiere of Project 2x1, a documentary film about the Hassidic and West Indian communities in Crown Heights which has since been to TED and the Brooklyn Museum, the "What I Be" gallery exhibition with performances by Trevor Hall, "Balloonacy," an all-ages dance party with three thousand LED balloons, an intimate jazz night with No Regular Play and many many many many many more.

When we aren’t throwing our own super-fun parties, we rent the studio out for private events — family reunions, birthday parties, engagement parties, burner parties, yoga classes, gospel karaoke — you name it.

Mister Rogers is also available for photo and video production rentals. Past productions have included: CNN's production of The Hunt, HBO's High Maintenance, Kalup Lindsay's art films starring James Franco and Macaulay Culkin, and a range of music videos, commercial, food, fashion, and product photography.

For rental inquires please view our submission form here.

Our goal is to be a laboratory for creative projects and events that inspire imagination.

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~Mister Rogers