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Brooklyn based and California bred, Ruvi is a visual storyteller with a profound love for light. Ruvi is a Co-founder, Director and Cinematographer at Safe House, a production company in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. He is also a founding partner of Mister Rogers, a multi-purpose art gallery and production studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Most recently, Ruvi has been producing and directing photography on TV Party, an experimental variety show for the web hosted by GQ's "The Style Guy" Glenn O'Brien. He is also currently producing the DJ Cookbook- a travel, cooking and music show with DJs around the world. 

Ruvi's work has appeared in The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Observer, and The Wall Street Journal. His clients have included Budlight, Matisyahu, Warby Parker, ZzzQuil, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Monki, Diesel and Absolut. He has worked with agencies such as Partners & Spade, Translation, Jack Morton, Leo Burnett and DDB.

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