Safe House

Founded in 2014, Safe House is born in a new media landscape, where audiences consume media at all times in all forms, and all media is broadly defined as "content". To the contemporary audience, all content, whether high or low production value, short or long form, branded or not, is potentially equal. The only thing that matters is whether or not it's intriguing.  At Safe House our mission is to create engaging content for a global audience.

Safe House has a strategic partnership with Paranoid US—a legendary commercial and music video production company—and Nightshift Post—a premier post-production company with offices in Paris and Los Angeles . We take care of all aspects of the creative process and have established partners that give us the depth and reach needed to take on global projects.

Safe House is a future-oriented creative shop, fully embracing the internet, social media, and all emerging technologies. Whenever possible we work to develop original intellectual property and to own or co-own the assets which we create with our clients and partners.