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Mister Rogers Presents: Under the Sea

  • Mister Rogers 231 Rogers Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11225 United States (map)

One brisk fall morning, Mister Rogers boarded the grand USS Jack Morton to begin the long voyage to the mystical island of Serendipity. 

Too-oot, went the horn of the ship as it pulled away from the port, when an instant mood set-in, one familiar and settling; it was the feeling that something glorious and unknown lay ahead! 

Three days later....

Captain: Attention passengers, we are heading into a storm, please prepare for a rocky couple of hours. 

Ah shit, I hate storms, they always make me woozy! Said Mister Rogers. 

Swoosh went the boat in the waves. Boom, boom, swoosh. Back and forth, back and forth. 


Mister Rogers, frantically tried to gather his closest belongings, most importantly his stuffed bear Rupert III. When suddenly he heard a CRACK! Water pours into the ship, filling up his room. Gargle, gargle. Heavy thrashing. Until, silence....

(soft music playing in the distance)                                                                                           What is that noise thought Mister Rogers, it sounds so majestic! Hello Mister... came a soft sexy voice from a beautiful and curvy mermaid. I'm Meredith the princess under the sea, you have come in perfect time, we are preparing our grand ball and it's our most elaborate party of the year. Would you like it if I invited you to join the celebration with me?

You too can join Mister Rogers' in seeing what all the excitement is about, probably as he gets wasted 'Under the Sea'! The party starts Saturday night the 15 of November, tickets are $10 online or $15 at the door. Also, cash bar.

See you Under The Sea!

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